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Thank you for visiting Dubai City Trips. We are a team of some of the finest and most experienced dedicated professionals in the tourism field worldwide and especially in the UAE. Our team is fully committed to deliver and ensure a completed and delighted client, who will carry back with them an amazing and authentic experience of their visit.

Your happiness is our goal

At Dubai City Trips you have got those things which you had loved to do, those places which you had loved to see, those cultures which you have loved to jump into and adventures to remember and experience forever.

The strength of Dubai City Trips has always been the quality of our experienced staff, who are always ready to help and guide our customers with planning their travel preferences, budgets, needs, and requirements. The safety and security of our customers and clients are of paramount importance for us. We believe every travel and tourism activity to be simple, fast, easy, and comfortable for everyone in the world.

We have made it incredibly easy for people to have a beautiful tour of Dubai City. At Dubai City Trips, you will get a one-stop for all tourism requirements, 24/7 customer support. We are available all the time to guide you about the queries related to tours. Our staff is multilingual and very professional.

If you dream, plan, or want to visit Dubai we promise to make your journey as enjoyable, joyful, and convenient as possible. We have everything that it takes to satisfy you during your visit to Dubai.

All the tours offered by Dubai City Trips focus on scouring the best resources. So, you get to travel the best of Dubai without any hassle and research of planning a holiday.

Our company is different from others because our team negotiates constantly the best rates with suppliers, we care for our clients, and book our clients only with the best services which we provide. Whether you are with your family or a newly-wed couple and wishing to start a new happy life, a professional, or with friends and want to spend your vacations in a good manner, then we are here to help you explore Dubai in comforts with our Holiday deals in Dubai. We will give you all the possible comforts while you will be at your final destination.

Our Mission

Dubai City Trips is a “Destination Management Company” and offer a UAE-based different travel and tourism services that are so reliable and convenient so that our clients who book with us leave with a smile and return back by appreciating our services. Our number of clients is increasing day by day because we care for our customers. Our first priority is our customer’s comforts. Our mission is to make your travel smoother and accessible to all. Our major mission is to remove all the problems which occur while exploring the famous places of Dubai by creating unforgettable experiences while our visitors enjoy Arabic customs and traditions of Dubai.

Our Vision

Our belief is that holidays are for everyone therefore our vision is to plan your tour with great joy and a lot of cure. We are available 24/7 to guide on queries to our customers related to our tour services. We are the best travel solutions for creating unique holiday plans in a hassle-free manner.

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